Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Blog Is Borned!

I've always thought of starting a gaming blog ever since I developed an interest in Eurogames a couple of years ago. It began with the Settlers of Catan in 2005 which was introduced by a friend from NIE and his wife. Coupled with the immense information on boardgamegeek as an aid, I haven't looked back since. My humble collection which started with a travel edition of Settlers (which I eventually sold off) and later Puerto Rico (the then top ranked game on the geek) has grown over the years as I sought to build a diverse selection of games that my wife and I, as well as our friends would enjoy.

My intention for this blog is three-fold: Survey, Strategy and Sessions.
Survey - to take down short musings of games I've played
Strategy - to trace my journey of learning how to play various games better
Sessions - to track times of gaming which I enjoy with my friends and family

Enough background info for one day... let the games begin!


  1. yay! glad your blog has launched - look forward to reading about...and trying the games you're playing.

  2. Haha, more than glad to be of service (: