Tuesday, March 17, 2009

16 March 2009 Session Report: The One Where We Tried The Catan Card Game

Tried the Catan Card Game for the first time tonight. Verdict? I like it! A tinge too long but that can be easily tweaked just like its boardgame sibling, perhaps similarly by starting with a settlement, city and extra road?

And from the looks of it, Van enjoyed herself too despite being reluctant initially to game tonight. If her gripe with Race for the Galaxy was the lack of interaction, the Catan Card Game must be its anti-type. Practically every turn resulted in interactive plays, be it through the dice rolls, event or action cards. We were squealing in delight each time we got to rob the other of his or her resources or cards.

In view of the fact we haven't got to the expansion set and the tournament rules, the longevity of this game is very, very promising. Oh and by the way, Van kicked my butt 12-9 in our virgin game. I got behind on settlement expansion and city upgrading early on and found it hard to regain ground.

We seemed to have gained a relatively good grasp of the cards in the base set so perhaps we will go ahead and throw in one of the five expansion themes into the mix the next round. Looking forward to the day when we have familiarized ourselves adequately with all the cards to be able to form our own tournament decks for play.

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