Saturday, June 27, 2009

16th June 2009 Session Report: The One With 7 Craftsmen...

A bit late on this session report having lost the record sheet but here's roughly what I recall. Mun joined us for games and we played both Glory to Rome and Tigris and Euphrates.

I sort of ran away with Glory to Rome. At one point, my clientele was stashed with up to 7 Craftsmen. The buildings that won the game for me this time round were the Scriptorium which allowed me to complete several buildings with a marble material each, the Garden which allowed me to take a client each for the immense influence I amassed from building and lastly, the Coliseum (plus Wall) which allowed me to fill up my Vault with a couple of Legionary plays while Van and Mun weren't having much success getting materials into theirs. I ended up with 40+ points, practically doubling the the next highest score.

Tigris and Euphrates was a much closer affair. Haven't played it in awhile and while I do recognize the brilliance of its design, somehow I don't seem to have the inclination to play it over and over again. From the get go, Van and I went at each other's starting 'kingdoms', resulting in our leaders moving all around the board. I guess that's the way the game was meant to be played anywhere, contrasting greatly with our earlier plays at the game where we stayed out of trouble, building up our own "kingdoms" till much later in the game. As such the first monument only turned up in mid-game which was probably the latest I had ever seen built. In the end, the score was something like 15, 14, 12 to myself, Van and Mun respectively.

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