Saturday, December 25, 2010

Last Game Order For 2010

I had planned for one last game order for the year - Power Struggle, but thanks to the year end sale at CSI, I ended up putting in a full-blown order to qualify for free shipping. Was hoping to keep my games collection around the 30 mark but it seems that this order coupled with my recent acquisitions will be blowing that number out of the water.

Since I didn't have anyone to help carry the games back for me this time round, I had to decide between Vpost and Borderlinx as an alternative. Went with Borderlinx in the end due to the 15% shipping discount currently on as well as the convenience of being a Citibank cardholder. This is the first time I'm opting for a commercial delivery so we'll see how it goes. I have heard horror stories of shocking shipping charges. I suppose it's tough to get a good estimate since you can never be sure of the volumetric box size that the games will be packed in. I requested for the smallest possible box from CSI but it really boils down to the fit. Will update on the experience after I receive the games.

Besides Power Struggle, I added Navegador and Vikings to the order. Navegador has been notching great reviews over the past few weeks on BGG. The game from this year's Essen crop that initially caught my eye was Troyes but after ploughing through the reviews that emerged after Essen, it seemed that Navegador would be a better fit for my gaming palate. Looking forward to my first rondel game!

Happy gaming over the holiday weekend and Blessed Christmas!!!

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