Monday, January 3, 2011

Borderlinx Package

As mentioned in a previous post, I made an order from CSI and delivered it back to Singapore using Borderlinx. What impressed me was that I received the package in about a week from the time I made the order - that's fast considering I opted for standard shipping.

On the downside, the charges from Borderlinx were far more expensive than I expected. Despite

1. Free US domestic shipping from CSI (on orders > US$100),
2. a 10% discount off the games thanks to CSI's year-end sale and
3. a 15% discount off shipping charges from Borderlinx,

I ended up saving about $10 as compared to purchasing the entire package from local online retailers coupled with customer privileges. This was somewhat disappointing and the unanticipated cost largely boiled down to Borderlinx's volumetric charges. The actual weight of the package was about 5kg but the volumetric weight (the higher being charged) came up to just over 9kg . The calculation for volumetric weight seems to vary across the net and it was my oversight not to have double checked against Borderlinx's formula.

I did instruct CSI to pack the games in the smallest box possible and while there was excess space in the box, it was impossible to know if that was due to the lack of smaller boxes that were suitable or simply added caution to avoid damaged games.

While I did obtain the games much faster than if I had enlisted my local online retailer to procure them for me, I'm not sure whether the added hassle and risk borne was worth it, especially when void of the discounts I chanced upon this time round.

Oh well, it will all be forgotten when I get to table Navegador, Power Struggle and Vikings for my gaming session this week!

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