Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Puerto Rico 2-Player Variant

There are a couple of 2-player variants of Puerto Rico floating around BGG. I tried to search for the post that recommended the one we are currently using but in vain though I suspect it was Yehuda Belinger who first mooted it. It is our preferred variant of the ones we have tried:

Game Preparation:

Per Player: 1 player board, 1 Doubloon, 1 Indigo (for governor); 1 corn (for 2nd player)

Plantations: Remove 2 of each type of plantation from the game. Uncover 3 plantations (one more than the number of players)

Quarries: Remove 3 Quarries from the game (use 5 quarry tiles)

Buildings: Use 2 of each Production building, and 1 of each Violet building

Victory Points: 50 total Victory Points

Colonists: 35 (in supply) + 2 on the colonist ship (minimum = player number)

Goods: Remove 2 of each type of good from the game

Cargo Ships: Use the 4, 5 and 6 capacity cargo ships

Trading House: No change

Role Cards: Remove both prospectors from the game

Game Sequence:

The Governor begins and selects a role. The second player selects the next role before the Governor has the pick of the third and final role. Place one Doubloon on the remaining role cards. The Governor then changes to the second player and the above sequences is repeated. All further rules are the same as in the Multiplayer game.

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