Monday, February 23, 2009

Sorry! Sliders On Its Way...

Have been looking to add a dexterity game to my collection. Problem is - most of the popular ones are incredibly expensive. A brief search on BGG will produce selections such as Pitch Car and Crokinole. Pitch Car looks cool although I'm continually surprised how much fun people seem to garner from such a simple game. Is it worth its price? I'm not convinced. The latter reminds me of a game familiar in this part of the world - Carom. I remembered how my junior college days used to be spent in the canteen playing this very game with other schoolmates - before, during and after school.

Anyway, back to my search. The game that seemed to fit the bill was Sorry! Sliders - an inexpensive dexterity game touted to be loads of fun. Considering it's produced by a mainstream games manufacturer, Hasbro, I was disappointed not to see it in stores locally. I tried getting a friend to search for it when she made a trip to Australia in December but in vain. In fact, even in the States, it is only available in parts. 

I understood that the game could be purchased off Target shelves at about US$15 and was unwilling to fork about US$25 (the best I could find) including shipping to obtain it from Amazon. It didn't help that most of the usual online retailers I frequented failed to carry the game. 

Imagine my excitement when I saw it on sale online at Toys R' Us. It was going for just over US$12 but unfortunately the shipping was a killer. I went ahead with the purchase even at almost US$22 with shipping since I figured it was unlikely I would be able to acquire it at a lower price (not many sites with free shipping for a single product).

Little did I know Toys R' Us refused to accept local credit cards so I had to resort to using a virtual debit card (with a small fee of course) to complete the purchase. For all the trouble I went through, I do hope the game's worth it when it arrives. The reviews are comforting nonetheless, it should be a blast!


  1. Well it hasn't made it to the UK yet either. I went for Pitchcar last week as my dex game and it rocks. I'm not very good at it, need a bit more practice but enjoyed a couple of games over the weekend.

  2. Is it the standard or mini? The price on the mini is more palatable but I wonder if it diminishes the experience in any way.