Sunday, February 15, 2009

Railroad Tycoon And Nexus Ops On Their Way...

Discovered a couple of good deals on Milsims from BGG. Considering the near parity of the Singaporean and Australian dollar, the quarterly crazy deals on the site were a steal. These 2 games weren't on my wishlist but at the prices offered and the favourable reviews on BGG, I decided to take the plunge (doesn't that sound familiar?). It helped that Van's ex-student kindly agreed to lug it back for us from Down Under.

Railroad Tycoon caught my eye at a A$60 price point. How could it have not when the online US retailers have it in stock at US$60??! I figured that it would be nice to add a railway game to my collection. While Age of Steam is the undoubted king of railway games, RT intrigued me with its apparent friendliness to casual players. What use is a brilliant game if it rarely appears at the game table!!! 

The length of the game does concern me though. However after a 3 hour go at Le Havre recently, I realize that good games with minimal downtime do have the ability to make the game time feel shorter than it actually is. It is with this hope that I went ahead with the order (ditto the Battlestar Galactica order).

Nexus Ops was another spur of the moment decision although I harbour less expectations regarding this purchase. A flat shipping fee to any Australian address coupled with a A$20 price point sealed the deal. I have heard good comments about the game, that while evidently in the Ameritrash breed of games had some nice Euro elements. Furthermore, since Van and I donated away her copy of Risk, this could provide something similar which we would actually play. This is especially so since it plays at a much more reasonable game time of 60 min for what it is. 

Nonetheless, the theme may be a turn-off for Van, but I suppose with it being OOP and all, it shouldn't be all that hard to trade it off if it does comes to that.

Should get my hands on them in March (:

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  1. Age of steam is a cracking game, but your right. It rarely gets played because it can be a bit of a brain burner.
    Not tried RT, hope its good.