Sunday, April 12, 2009

10th April 2009 Session Report: Good Friday Gaming

Van and I invited our ex-students over to our place on Good Friday. Amidst the food and programmes, we managed to teach them High Society and Tichu. I managed to join in for a game of both.

High Society

They caught the rules relatively quickly and while I initially doubted this purchase, I'm starting to see it's a good option to introduce to new games - it has simple rules yet plays with some depth. Furthermore, it plays quick for non-gamers. In the game I played, I took the win as I managed to grab a few luxury cards on the cheap towards the endgame. While I reminded the other players on the importance of keeping the smaller denominations for flexibility, many of them were down to their last few cash cards towards the end. I guess it's tough for them to value the cards aright on initial plays which is to be expected with auction games. Nonetheless, they seemed to have good fun with most of them equally clueless as to how much to bid.


Van and I each taught group of ex-students Tichu. It helped that they are familiar with Big Two which is quite similar in terms of play mechanics. Tichu seems a myriad of Big Two, Bridge and Hearts. Big Two for the gameplay, Bridge for the partnership play and Hearts for the initial exchange of cards. I won the game which I took over the Van and got soundly whipped in the other after allowing them to make Tichu twice.

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